Monday, March 22, 2010

Nickelodeon (USA. 1976)

Film Geek Peter Bogdonavich's ode to the birth of the motion picture is a bloated mess of a film, unsure of what it wants to be - a slapstick farce, a romantic drama, or a historical document of the golden age. No matter what it decides to focus on at one given moment, it does it poorly. Ryan O' Neal (In Harold Lloyd style glasses) is really miscast as a lawyer that finds himself making movies. His performance is the same forced shrill note smashed repeatedly for an entire two hour. Burt Reynolds tries his best in his role of the stunt-man (Which would become old hat) but with nothing funny to work with, we just have to stare at his dashing smile. The film is supposed to follow the birth of movies, but it's a mess hat jumps forward through time without rhyme or reason without any idea of what it wants to say or where to end it all. The film just stops one point with all the loose ends floating lazily through the wind

Do the makers get an I or intentions?

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