Thursday, December 31, 2009


"Williams is remarkably good..." the reviewer said after having his face blown off by awesome.

It's public knowledge that I have a soft spot for the presence of acting artisan Treat Williams. I've kept my eye peeled for the man ever since I saw him playing the broad bully character in Spielberg's glorious misfire 1941. I don't know what made me fall in love. It could be his now vanished dashing good looks, his current paunchy "I'd rather be taking a nap" wrinkled visage or even his grizzled nice guy delivery. It's to hard to chose.

My Treat-Quest has led me to the three SUBSTITUTE sequels, the clever zombie cop film DEAD HEAT and the classic DEEP RISING (Which for some reason I thought it starred Pierce Brosnan)

There's some other films I haven't seen. Something weirdcalled STAR BORE...or something...and a hippie musical that doesn't have The Treatser kung-fu fighting ANYONE!No thank-you good sir.

When I learned that fave director Jim Wyronski (Of CHOPPING MALL fame) birthed two Treat vehicles it was my solemn duty to watch them and report back.

I haven't done that yet.

I've only watched the first ten minutes of his TREAT FIGHTS PIRATES FOR GOLD opus GALE FORCE and I noticed something mesmerizing: The entire opening action scene is made up of footage of LAST ACTION HERO (The director confirms this in his commentary track). All they did was insert Treat dressed as Arnie in a look-alike car and edited around the pre-existing footage

Cheap rip-off for the audience OR low budget Roger Corman like genius? What other films could we edit Treat Williams into!? He could play Marlon Brando in the GODFATHER! He could belt out song and dance gold in SINGING IN THE RAIN! He could even whisper with never before seen gravitas the word "Rosebud..."

Updates to come after I watch the film. I'll make sure they're AMAZING!

Who believes IMDB SCORES?

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