Saturday, January 1, 2011


New Years is here and that means resolutions. Prick up your ears for the empty promises one makes in hopes that the next flashing moments of life are better then the last. Everything can be better a little voices say, all you have to is try, or you could end up dead, painfully so.

The promises are clear and in IMAX THREE DIMENSION NEON: Keep things cleaner, eat healthier, do more exercise, concentrate better at school, write more, be more creative, reach your dreams and conquer your enemies.

All the normal stuff.

Being creative is the most important thing to me (even if my parents would argue that the first four are of dire importance). Somehow against my best cowardly tendencies, I'm weeks away from finishing shooting a film I wrote and directed, which is jaw dropping in itself. The one thing that I haven't done is write a book, which i s something that I promised myself to do when I was of the tender age of 12. I have to get that. Someday. Like now.

I need to watch more movies.

Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds if you know me in the slightest.

Being creative for me has always been an extension of the arts and entertainment that I consume - it's impossible for me to work in a vacuum of my own thoughts. If I see a Western, I want to birth six shooter cowboy oater. If I see Sci-Fi, I want to envision fantastical space opera dramas. If I see pornography I want to...

Yet, with all the opportunities around me, I'm crippled with choice. I don't know what to watch so I watch nothing. I can't count the number of times I've just decided to take a nap instead of make a difficult decision of watching EVIL DEAD II or ARMY OF DARKNESS. I lead a sad empty existence.

Jumping from the great 1001 MOVIES YOU NEED TO WATCH BEFORE YOU DIE I will watch one film from the book a day. That way I always have somewhere to jump from, I will have no more excuses of lack of quality, and I will expand my horizons.

Instead of writing movie reviews for each film, especially keeping in consideration that all the films included in the book have pretty good write ups in the first place, my 'critical breakdowns' will take place in a more diary form. I have a fairly dull life (other than the constant fear of ending up shaking a tin can on the street) so thoughts on a review coupled with lines like 'I barely got up this morning because there was nothing for me to get up to so I watched MATRIX RELOADED which was way too long and cause me to go back to bed' will undoubtedly make riveting daily fiction.

I'm making efforts to improve (as obvious as that is) my faults, but I sadly can't make any promises. One thing I can guarantee is that 2011 will be different. Not necessarily better, but different, and sometimes that's the most important thing of all.

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